So you have a double glazing company and you want your installers to be the best at installing windows and doors! We can help you achieve the best standards the industry can accomplish!

At the Fenestrology we take pride in being the only Industry training provider to cater for the specific needs of the Window Industry. All our training courses have been designed to ensure the very highest level of employee/contractor development and progression is achieved. All courses and training services have been designed to be compatible with the operational needs of your business, with a range of flexible delivery times to ensure the minimum disruption to your daily activities.

Training Courses 2019

FC001 Current Fenestration Installation to BS8213-4 2016  1 Day

FC002 Current Fenestration Survey to BS8213-4 2016  1 Day

FC003 Current Understanding Building Regulations  1/2 Day

FC004 Current PVCu Vertical Slider Installation to BS8213-4 2016  1 Day

FC005 Under Construction Installation of Roof Line Systems  1 Day

FC006 Current Installation Management to BS8213-4 2016  1 Day

FC007 Current Fenestration Installation for MTC based on the GGF Good Practice Guide  1 Day

FC008 Current Fenestration Survey for MTC based on the GGF Good Practice Guide  1 Day

FC009 NEW 2019 New to Industry Installer Training to BS8213 – 4 2016 [Training Centre Sheffield] 5 Days

FC010 NEW 2019 New to Industry Survey Training to BS8213 – 4 2016 [Training Centre Sheffield] 5 Days

FC011 Under Construction Conservatory Survey & Installation based on the GGF Good Practice Guide 1 Day

FC012 Current PVCu Glazing Techniques incorporating Toe and Heeling  2 Hours

FC042 Under Construction Introduction to ‘A’ Rated Installation Techniques  1 Day

FC013*  Current Fee for Intervention – Is YOUR Business Ready? Management – Director  1/2 Day

FC014* Current  Accident Investigation for Managers  1/2 Day

FC015* Current Understanding and Assessing YOUR Safety Culture  1 Day

FC016* Current Behavioural Safety [Owner Operators – 1 Person Organisation]  1/2 Day

FC046* Current Introducing Behavioural Based Safety Solutions [Boardroom]  1/2 Day

FC047* Current Managing Behavioural Based Safety Programmes [Management]  2 Day

FC048* Current Safety Leadership Development Programme [Shop Floor]  2 Day

FC017 Current Asbestos Awareness   3 Hrs

FC018 Current Fenestration Health & Safety Passport   1 Day

FC019 Current Introduction to Working at Height   1/2 – 1 Day

FC020 Current Introduction to PFPE Personal Fall Protection Equipment   1/2 Day

FC021 Current Implementation of Ladder Safety Management Systems   1 Day

FC022 Current Ladder Restraint System – Safe use of   1 Day

FC023  Current Easi Dec – Safe use of  1/2 Day

FC024  Current Lobo System – Safe use of  1/2 Day

FC025  Current Introduction to Risk Assessment  1/2 Day

FC049  Current Risk Assessment – Practical Workplace Application and Assessment  1/2 Day

FC026  Current Introduction to PPE Personal Protective Equipment  1/2 Day

FC027* Under Construction Manual Handling in the Glass Industry [4 Modules – Boardroom-Coalface]  1/2 – 2 Day

FC028* Under Construction Stillages & Lifting Equipment  1/2 Day

FC029* Under Construction Transporting and Offloading of Glass Products  1/2 Day

FC030 Current Stronghold – Safe use of  3 Hrs

FC031 Current Sashmate Tools – Safe use of  2 Hrs

FC032 Current Writing of Standard Operating Procedures NA

FC033 Current Tool Box Talks [Glazing Industry Occupations] 1/2 Hour Each

FC051* Current Introduction to Dynamic Communication Systems

FC052* Current Enhanced DCS

FC053* Current DCS in Health and Safety Management

FC054* Current DCS in Human Resources

FC055* Current DCS and Conflict Resolution

FC056* Current DCS in Management and Leadership

FC057* Current DCS in Selling

FC058* Current DCS in Career Development

FC059* Current DCS and Training

FC060* Current DCS and Confidence Building


FC034 Current Consultancy work On Site

FC035 Current On Site Installation Inspection and Conciliation work

FC037 Current Qualifications

FC038 Current MTC Continued Competency Assessments Installer 1 Day

FC039 Current MTC Continued Competency Assessments Surveyor 1 Day

FC044 Current Complete Health and Safety Programmes [We take care of all your H&S Obligations]

FC000  Current  Courses Designed, Built and Delivered to your specifications    To suit

* These courses are delivered by a partner organisation that specialises in the Glass Industry. More details available on request
Please note that most of the courses have the option to be delivered as a GQA Approved course with a GQA Certificate. Please contact us for further information.
For further information on any of our Training Courses please contact us on or telephone us on 02033 718 709

QUALIFICATION UPDATE INSTALLATION 1 Day – Test and On Site Assessment QUALIFICATION UPDATE SURVEY 1 Day – Test and On Site Assessment FENESTROLOGY HOLD THE COPYRIGHT TO ALL OUR COURSES COMPANY SPECIFIC BRANDING [WHITE LABLE] UNDER LICENCE TBA 1. Set No. of times delivered 2. Set Timescale for delivery 3. Package price All based on a Fenestrology Trainer delivering the under licence session. Note Strict control on course hand out material!

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